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Nieuwe Hobby Scroll (1 jan. 2020) (9th Age)

Started by Pellegrim, Jan 10, 2020, 00:05 am

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Beste hobbyisten, hierbij de nieuwjaars-scroll vol met 62 pagina's hobby nieuws! Knutselprojecten, insides over de 9th Age, en meer.


En de inhoudsopgave:


The Workshop of Zalaman Tekash: We show off some of the new units and options in the up coming Infernal Dwarf Legendary Army Book!

Ask the Sage: Another installment from our venerable scholar, enlightening the intrepid about the wider world of the 9th Age.

The Fight for Avras: An introduction to our global 9th Age narrative campaign.

Equitaine Heraldry Contest Results: King Henry has chosen two loyal Knights to join the royal court!

Army Showcase: Knights of the Black Tower Sabious shares his inspiration behind his KoE army. And how he went about making his pennants.

Army Showcase: The 48th Foot. An EoS Army Showcase from master painter, Nemeroth.

Raging Heroes Product Review: I take a look at some of the top range models on the market.

Basic Unit Construction: DanT returns with some valuable list building advice.

Flying Bases, Terrain and Unit Fillers: A simple tutorial to make use of old sprues.

Be Careful What You Fish For A prize-winning diorama!

Centaur of Attention: Another successful Kickstarter for your perusa


Er zijn alweer een paar nieuwe hobby happy scrolls uit, zie hier de laatste: https://www.the-ninth-age.com/IMG/pdf/no21.pdf