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Airbrush workshop - Infantry - 7 and 8 march 2020 by Scars miniature Madness

Started by Scar, Feb 23, 2020, 13:08 pm

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Airbrush Workshop - Infantry
Scar's Miniature Madness
7 and 8 March 2020

Sponsored by:
Fallouthobbies, SceneryWorkshop and AKinteractive

Location: Jagershoef, Eindhoven, Woensel,  Netherlands.
- Saturday from: 10:00 till 17:30
- Sunday from 10:00 till 17:30
Both days include lunch.

You will learn:
- Airbrush control
- Airbrush your infantry model
- Pin washing with AK Products
- Apply Transfers
- Edge Highlighting
- Painting faces
- Plasma effects
- Power weapons

What do you need to bring:
- 3 Space marines or, 3 Primaris Marines or, 3 Stormcast liberators
- If you want to paint plasma or power weapon effects make sure you bring a plasma weapon marine.
- If you want to bring different models please email me (scarsminiaturemadness@gmail.com) so we can discuss their suitability.

- Airbrush
- Compressor
- Respirator mask
- Power extension cord
- Your acrylic paints (I recommend Vallejo and Scale75)
- Your washes (I recommend GW washes)
- Painting brushes Winsor and Newton or Broken Toad 0 or 1 or both
- Daylight lamp
- Plastic palette
- Hairdryer
- Old towel
- Airbrush thinner
- Airbrush cleaner
- Airbrush cleaning Pot

There are 16 spots full is full.
If you have food allergies or are a vegetarian please tell me.

Price of the workshop: € 115,00
Sign up by email: scarsminiaturemadness@gmail.com

If you need a place to sleep please let me know in the email, i will help you find a proper hotel close by the workshop venue.

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Quote from: Ramors on Feb 23, 2020, 21:51 pmLeuk. Zou het wel wat vinden

Heb nog maar 2 plekken vrij dus als je mee wil doen moet je me even een mailtje sturen! :)
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